One Second After by William R. Forstchen


What I Thought:

I read this book, and sat on it for a while, just thinking it all over. Then one day, I was chatting with a friend, and we are always talking about books we’ve read recently. She gets very serious, and says, don’t laugh, but I read this book, and now I have a “bug-out” area in the house with water and food with long expiration dates. And I KNEW she was talking about this book. And guess what, she had read this book. So fair warning that you, too, might feel this way at the end.

What I Loved: The way this book terrified me. The author takes you through events that you may not have thought of before and it just scared me to the bone.

What I Felt: I was on the edge of my seat and nervous through this entire book. I would also get excited when a character figured out how to overcome a struggle. *Phew* They would live to see another day (or problem).

To Read Or Not To Read: Yes, I think this book should be read, but it’s a sad, scary tale of a true possibility and may not be for everyone. I, however, loved every word of it!

What’s This Book About Anyway?

So, as I mentioned before, this book terrified me. Like, get ready to feel the need for a bug-out bag and an action plan, kind of terrified me. An EMP (Electro Magnet Pulse) is detonated over America making electronics useless. No phones, no cars built with electronics, no electricity. And you might think, that’s survivable, but soon medicines that must be refrigerated go bad, new medicine isn’t available, the world turns upside down…in one second.


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