The Forger by Paul Watkins


The Forger by Paul Watkins
What I Loved: The ways David goes about creating the forged paintings. The experiences surrounding his forgery. Everything about this book! I’m not kidding, I have loaned this book out to anyone that is willing to listen to me about how amazing it is!
How I felt: This book just draws you in. I felt worried for our main character, but so intrigued by the story!!
To Read or Not to Read: Yes. Yes. Yes. Read this book!

David is an American painter at the start of World War II. He receives a scholarship in Paris from a Russian painter. He soon realizes he has been brought to Paris to replicate Paris’s masterpieces and pass off as real to Hitler’s art dealers.
This book is full of interesting history surrounding the art and fast-paced action that had me on the edge of my seat. I’ve actually read this book at least five times because it is just so good!


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