The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield


What I Loved: The way Vida tells her story. I was enraptured from the start to the end.
How I felt: I felt like quite the detective in this book. I couldn’t wait to get to the next reveal so I could see if I was right or wrong about what was happening. There were so many questions to answer in this book and they were answered so well!
To Read or Not To Read: I highly recommend reading this. It’s such a well-written story, and is so easy to follow. You won’t be sorry!

Vida, a wildly popular, but mysterious author requests Margaret to write her biography. For 60 years Vida has concocted crazy stories about her heritage, but none of them match and leave her readers unaware of her real history.
Margaret is reluctant, as she has a life and secrets of her own, but does agree, with conditions for Vida.

Vida sets her story up for Margaret with a clear beginning, middle, and end. I loved how Vida would remind Margaret that they were only at the beginning, and that part of the story was for the end. Those little reminders that Vida had a clear vision of how her story would be told, just added to my enjoyment of this book. As Vida unravels her story, Margaret finds more and more questions.
This book will keep you wondering and guessing, and up all night. It’s just what a book should be.

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