Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen


What I Thought:

What I Loved: I am a sucker for a now and then story line. I liked the reflection of a love story through Jacob’s memories. He speaks with such feeling about his life that he moves you.

How I Felt: I think I had all the feelings through this book. Giggles, tears, shock, and sadness. Sara Gruen writes in a way that pulls you right into the story and you are there blow for blow, feeling everything.

To Read or Not To Read: You must read this book. The story is well-written and it just takes you away.

What’s This Book About Anyway?

Jacob, an older man in a nursing home, watches as a circus starts to set up across the street. He begins to tell us the story of meeting his love and his adventures in joining a circus. Jacob accepts a job as the elephant caretaker to escape his current situation. He meets Rosie, an elephant, and his soon-to-be star attraction, as well as Marlena, a beautiful performer and wife to the director of horses. Through his memories, we watch as they travel and perform. We meet new characters and situations, showing the best and worst of people.
From there, the author’s words just suck us into the story. It’s that good and I recommend it to everyone!


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