Seven Crows by Kate Kessler


This book will publish on October 8, 2019. I was provided this book by NetGalley and Redhook Books in exchange for my honest review.

My Thoughts:

What I Loved: The character Killian was such a bad-A$$. I was engrossed with her character. You remember that little movie, Taken, well she’s the female version of that dad. Kate Kessler wrote a book that played like an action movie in my head. Every description she used was just the right one, and I loved it.

How I Felt: This was a gritty, descriptive book and every time someone landed a punch, I knew exactly how they were feeling. The writing was so well done, I could picture everything. I felt nervous for characters, hoping they were making the right decisions, worried if they would make it out alive. It was a suspense-filled thriller and had me on the edge of my seat.

To Read or Not To Read: This book is perfect for action/thriller lovers. It is full of moving pieces with some mystery and secrets revealed. There’s very little down-time. The book is fast-paced, moving right along.

What’s This Book About Anyway?

Killian Delaney has just been released from prison for beating a man to within an inch of his life. She’s a bit of a celebrity in the underground circles for this, but she has made an enemy as well. The man she maimed beyond repair, the leader of a biker gang, wants revenge for ruining his life.

Killian’s sister Megan, calls her with the terrifying news that Megan’s daughter, Killian’s niece is missing. Killian is immediately set on a course to get her back and no one will stand in her way. She now needs to step back into her old life with bike gangs and outside-the-law friends to save her niece.


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