Guilty Reader Book Tag

I saw this book tag post from @thelibrarylooter and wanted to jump in on it. So, here’s a list of questions and we’ll see if I’m guilty or innocent!

Have you ever said you’ve read a book when you haven’t?

I certainly hope not. I’m pretty darn honest about whether I have read it or not. I’m more likely to let someone know that I’ll be adding it to my #tbr!

Verdict: Innocent

Have you ever borrowed a book and not returned it?

Yes! Completely on accident! I was adamant with the library that I returned it, but ended up paying for the book….only to find it months later in a kid’s bookshelf.

Verdict: Guilty!

Have you ever read a series out of order?

Yes. Until the End of the World by Sarah Lyons Fleming. I picked up the second book and did not realize it was a series. Read the whole book, THEN managed to pick up what I thought was the first book, and turned out to be a novella and titled 1.5 in the series. I still haven’t read the first or third book in the series…it’s still on my #tbr.j

Verdict: Guilty!

Have you ever spoiled a book for someone?

Never intentionally. I have walked in on a conversation where people were talking about a book, and I thought everyone had read it in the group and that’s why they were talking about it…. and I was incorrect. I that’s why I always ask now if everyone has read it.

Verdict: Guilty.

Have you ever dog eared a book?

What???? NO!!!! That is a terrible thing to do to a book! I will use ANYTHING as a bookmark to avoid damage to a book. My son on the other hand, has done that. So, I have taught him how to properly treat a book, and have supplied him with 20 year’s worth of bookmarks. See my photo of bookmarks I have recently pulled out of books in an attempt to clean up my bookshelf! Notice the receipt…not for books, I’m not sure how I ended up using that…and a concert ticket LOL.

Verdict: Innocent

Have you ever told someone you don’t own a book when you do?

I really doubt it, other than being confused about if I actually own it. I’m proud of my books and display them happily on my bookshelf.

Verdict: Innocent

Have you ever skipped a chapter or a section of a book?

Oh my gosh yes! If I am determined to try to finish a book that I am struggling through, I’ll jump sections, especially when the author gets really descriptive about things. A recent book I read went on for two pages about a character walking in a circle around a tree. I was already struggling with the book, and I so I started skipping, and found two pages later, we were still talking about the tree. Skipping is necessary sometimes.

Verdict: Guilty, for sure…when I’m on the struggle train, but want to give the book a chance, it is necessary.

Have you ever bad-mouthed a book you actually liked?

No way. I like it or I don’t, and I’m very proud to talk about either of those feelings.

Verdict: Innocent

Have you ever read a book only to realize you have already read it?

Yep. More than once. There are so many books in the world, and after this many years, I’m bound to pick up a book at a bookstore and get into it only to realize I’ve already read it. This actually just happened to me recently…the book was prominently displayed at a bookstore, I thought it was new, and was like, this is a genre I love, and sounds amazing! I paid full price for it and started reading. I kept thinking, this is so like another book I’ve read, I’ve got to figure out what book that was so I can compare them…then 100 pages in, I realized it was, in fact, THE SAME book. *Hanging my head in shame*

Verdict: GUILTY


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