Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Cancer is something that touches all of our lives, mine included. While I have not experienced breast cancer in my family and friends circle, there are many others that have. My family and friend’s lives have, however, been touched by throat, brain, and ovarian, along with many other forms of cancer.

I choose to get behind BCA because every cancer is worth fighting against even if it is not one that has touched me personally. I will be spending the month donating a lot of time at my workplace as this is a cause they get behind as well. I sit on two committees for fundraising for the month, and I am the leader of one more. I sell raffle tickets, promote the events, help manage events, set up and tear down, and so many other things. I encourage you to find something that you can help to support, if it is not breast cancer, find one that lights a fire for you.

But for this month, #getyourgirlschecked please.


#shejustlovesbooks #breastcancerawareness #BCA #inoctoberwewearpink

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