Silent Honor by Danielle Steel

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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What I Loved: The book’s main character, Hiroko’s determination throughout the book was empowering. I loved to see how she continued to overcome obstacle after obstacle.

How I Felt: The book is a love story, so I did feel the love, but the topic of internment camps tugged at my heart strings and had me feeling angry and protective for Hiroko. It was nice to read a historical fiction story set around America during WWII.

To Read or Not To Read: If you enjoy Danielle Steel books this is a book for you. It’s also great for historical fiction fans as the book focuses on WWII American history. This is great book and remains one of my favorites by Danielle Steel!

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Hiroko moves to California to live with her American relatives at the request of her mother and father. She starts school at a women’s college and falls for one of her professors. They are just getting in a rhythm with their romance, and then Pearl Harbor is attacked. Hiroko and her family are separated in internment camps on American soil. We follow her story of being imprisoned through this terrible time and find out if her love for her professor survives.

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