King of the Mole People by Paul Gilligan

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book was provided to my son by the author in exchange for his honest review. He was very adamant that he wanted to write the review, so below are his honest thoughts.

My Son’s Thoughts:

What He Loved: He loved that there were pictures in the book “about every two pages”. It helped him to visualize what the author was trying to convey. One of his favorite parts was the form of respect by throwing grubs at people. He thought that was hilarious and silly! He loved that this book was at his reading level too. He said it felt like he was reading with a friend.

How He Felt: He said he felt happy through the entire book. “I’m a reading guy, and that book is an especially good book to make me visualize the story.”

To Read or Not To Read: People that enjoys stories with laughs, action, adventure, and surprise will like this book. It had all of these things.

My Thoughts:

What I Loved: This book is full of humor, making my child, and even me, laugh! I loved the illustrations, which were created by the author, making this book even more special.

How I Felt: I was so pleased to see the under lying tone in this book focused on children learning to accept themselves for who they are. I loved that this quirky, funny main character could really show kids that it is ok to be just who you are.

To Read or Not To Read: My son is in 3rd grade and this book was perfect for him. I would say that any child 3rd through the rest of elementary school would really enjoy this story. It’s an adventure filled with funny moments making them laugh out loud.

What’s This Book About Anyway?

Doug Underbelly doesn’t seem to have everything going his way. He finds himself living in a creepy old house with his family. His dad makes meals out of eels. He has a cemetery for a back yard. He is bullied at school. Finally, he is King of the Mole People.

Doug finds himself balancing between his underground cavern and his life in the “Up-World”. As he’s a bit unwilling to be the King of the Mole People, this new adjustment takes some time, but offers him a chance to be himself. He must learn to love himself for who he is to help solve the Giant Worm Problem for his kingdom of Mole People.


A huge thank you to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for our honest review.

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