Ben’s Adventures: Under the Big Top! by Elizabeth Gerlach

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Thoughts:

What I Loved: Ben’s imagination is huge and I loved it! Not only did he imagine away his classroom, he took me with him. I loved the way the story developed from clearly being in a classroom, to the beginnings of an imagined story, then onto full-blown Big Top Fun!

How I Felt: I grabbed this book, *again* because the title and cover drew me in. I, as per usual, did not read the synopsis. So, I was very excited and surprised when I realized that we weren’t going on a field trip, we were going to use our imagination, and it made the book so wonderful. I read this with my daughter, and she was loving every page. She had questions here and there about something; she was fully invested in this book.

To Read or Not To Read: This is a book that any toddler through 1st grade would enjoy. The imagination theme will offer some good question/answer time afterwards if you would like.

What’s This Book About Anyway?

Ben and his siblings are headed to school. As they start to sit for carpet time, Ben looks around and envisions things slightly different. His teacher is a teacher, but might just be . . . a ringmaster, the child throwing blocks is maybe . . . a juggler. We get to experience a day at the circus through the eyes of Ben. It is an adorable story that all children will love.

Ben Smiles Memorial Foundation:
Ben Smiles Memorial Foundation was founded in partner with the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley spring 2017 by Rob & Elizabeth Gerlach close to a year after they lost Benjamin.  Ben Smiles is dedicated to enhancing the playing, learning and living of special needs kids and their families by gifting toys and other important devices to kids like their son Ben. 
A portion of the proceeds of Ben’s Adventures book sales will support Ben Smiles’ mission.

More Information:

Website to learn more about Ben’s Adventures



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