From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What I Loved:

I love it when a historical fiction novel takes me on a new journey, especially when it’s about World War II. There are so many WWII historical fiction novels written and it is wonderful when a new story emerges from one.

How I Felt:

Ugh, this book ripped my heart out a few times, but it was very worth it. Once again, Amy Harmon writes with such powerful words, I was just drawn into her story. Eva Rosselli’s character is such an intriguing woman, you want to know more about her, and you want her to succeed at everything she does. I enjoyed her love story that was so starkly juxtapose to the Nazi brutality.

To Read or Not To Read:

This book is perfect for historical fiction lovers! It’s a WWII story, told not from the concentration camps, but from the people struggling to hide and stay out of them.

Where To Find This Book:

From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon is available at these sites.

Amazon Kindle | Amazon | Audible | Goodreads

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Eva and Angelo grew up together in the same Italian household, due to life’s circumstances. They could have a budding romance, but Angelo chooses to become a priest leaving Eva heartbroken. The Nazi’s begin to invade Italy and Eva is finally convinced to go into hiding in Angelo’s church to keep from being captured. This book gives a view into the struggles that people resisting Hitler faced, the raids and arrogant soldiers. The curfews and the losses. And through all of that, we will find out if it is possible for a love to flourish in war-torn lives.

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