A Shark Tooth Fairy Tale by Erica Morgan

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Thoughts:

What I Loved: There is actually so much that I loved about this book. So, you are getting a list today!

  1. The illustrations in this book are so very fun! The little details were really thought through on this making each page its own experience. The human tooth fairy’s home was my daughter’s favorite (and mine)! The thought that went into making these illustrations was amazing. The curtains are tied with tooth-shaped curtain ties. The mailbox is tooth shaped. It’s adorable and perfect for a child.
  2. There is a seek and find on each page! A shark tooth has been hidden on each page for a child to find. They weren’t so easy and obvious that it wasn’t fun and it wasn’t so hard that my daughter ever gave up. It was perfect.
  3. The writing is excellent for a pre-school through middle elementary child to enjoy. I really loved that it was a rhyming book because I find those fun, but the sentences were longer, making a full story with each page.
  4. Finally, this book was written by 17 year old Erica Morgan. I am so impressed in her work and want to support her in this adventure!
Example of the Seek and Find on each page. This one is on the cover so I’m not spoiling any of the fun inside.

How I Felt: I immediately knew that my daughter would like this. It’s about tooth fairies and mermaids and sharks. And she did love it. She wanted to savor each page, looking at all the art and listening to my words. There are some “big-kid” words in there too, so she would interrupt every once in a while to ask what this word or that word meant. *A “big kid” word example would be “brief” as in to be quick. So the words aren’t so big that they make the book difficult, but it introduced new vocabulary. As I was reading, I kept thinking that it would be a fun book to do a Parent Reading to my child’s classroom. Overall, we just loved this book!

To Read or Not To Read: I can’t think of a single child that should not read this book. It is fun, well-written, and perfectly illustrated for the story!

What’s This Book About Anyway?

The shark tooth fairy , Mrs. Chompers, is sick and asks the human tooth fairy, Mrs. Pearly White, if she can cover for Mrs. Chompers for the night. Mrs. Pearly White uses magic to turn into a mermaid so she can travel the ocean making sure all the little sharks of the ocean get their treat in exchange for their newly lost tooth.

Image from A Shark Tooth Fairy Tale by Erica Morgan

Where to Buy This Book:

Author Erica Morgan’s website!


Mascot Books


This book was provided to me by Mascot Books in exchange for my honest review.

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