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The Grace Year by Kim Liggett


My Thoughts:

What I Loved: I LOVED this book. I’m already thinking about when I can read it again. The dystopian world that Kim Liggett creates in this book is fascinating! I was completely drawn into the story and the universe. The “Grace Year” location was so well built, I could see everything. I was right there with them through the whole experience.

How I Felt: It’s been a while since a book so completely grabbed me from the beginning and held me through the whole thing. There were times were I just couldn’t read fast enough. I wanted to figure out all the little questions and the odd things happening. I was invested. I’m really, really hoping there will be a sequel…I would grab it in a second.

To Read or Not To Read: If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, The Handmaid’s Tale, or The Crucible, I think this is right up your alley.

What’s This Book About Anyway?

The women of the county have magic that appears as they enter their Grace Year. They are exiled to an island for the entire year where unspeakable things happen. The ones who survive can come home at the end of the year, but must never speak of their year to others.

Tierney is coming up on her Grace Year, but she’s not like others. She has never quite conformed to the county’s rules. As a result she expects that she won’t receive a veil from a suitor as a proposal before she leaves for her Grace Year. She must go with or without a veil, and survive. There are poachers that will kill any Grace Year girl that wanders off the path or out of the encampment. They are skinned alive as their bodies are said to have magical powers. So, while it seems that the danger lies outside the encampment, the dangers from within, from the other girls are just as real.

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This ARC was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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