The Stillwater Girls by Minka Kent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Thoughts:

What I Loved: The two main girls in this book grew up in a cabin with their mother completely excluded from society, not knowing what existed outside of their homestead. I loved the concept of these girls completely removed from electronics, cars, and modern conveniences. It made their characters so interesting!

How I Felt: I was drawn into this story from the beginning. The book is written from two perspectives: Wren, the oldest girl and Nicolette, a woman living in the woods outside of town. Initially, I was not interested in Nicolette’s story. I couldn’t figure out what she had to do with Wren and her sister, but as the plot unfolds, all is revealed and I found myself excited for Nicolette’s story line. I was so interested in this story and what would happen next. There were many things that I figured out early on, but a few things happened that just blew me away. I had to put the book aside for a few minutes and take in everything that was happening! It was thrilling and I loved it!

To Read or Not To Read: If you enjoy domestic mysteries and thrillers, this is perfect for you. I found it to be a quick and enjoyable read!

What’s This Book About Anyway?

Wren and her sister Sage are left at their homestead in the woods when their mama must take their ill sister Evie to a doctor. Months go by, food becomes scarce, and mama has not returned. Then, a stranger comes to the door, forcing his way in and asking questions about their mama. Terrified, they plan an escape from him, and make a run for it in the woods. Without any idea of where they are going or what to expect, they trek through the woods with no survival supplies.

They come upon Nicolette’s home, tired, cold, and hungry. From there, the mystery of their lives, who their mama is, and where their sister Evie is, unravel at a heart-racing pace.

Where to Find:

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