Cecilia House by Simon Gandossi

Life is a precious gift and it can change within the blink of an eye, something Patricia discovered at a young age.

After an extremely tragic event her loving family, good friends and many dreams and aspirations were all gone. An unwanted child was sent to what was supposed to be a place of love and warmth. Instead she soon discovered that those responsible for her care added so much more pain and sadness to many lives.

What occurred within the walls of Cecilia House was one of the most despicable and unimaginable acts to ever happen within an organization whose duty it was to protect innocent children.

Book:  Cecilia House by Simon Gandossi
Genre:  Historical Fiction
Publisher:  Xlibris
Release date:   September, 2019
Content Warning: PG-13 + M: This book contains mature themes and scenes with child abuse.

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I had the chance to interview Simon Dandossi about Cecilia House and about being an author!

Q: Why historical fiction?

A: During high school, I began to visit my local museum and became fascinated with all the antiques. I created short stories about many of the objects I saw. A few of those were entered into the young writers of the year competition, and I became a finalist. I knew then that I wanted to make history my career. When my family and friends read my stories and were captivated by them, I wanted to reach a much wider audience. I write what I am passionate about, and I write something that inspires me so, in turn, I can inspire others.

Q: What inspires you to write?

A: Of course, history inspires me greatly, but my family is such a big part of my life, and without their support, I would never have been able to undertake such a difficult task to become a full-time writer. When I see my young nephews, I always think that when they are older, I want them to have an uncle they can be proud of. When you give up so much to obtain your dream, there are so many things that inspire you in order for you to reach it.

Q: Cecilia House deals with such an unthinkable subject not many could comprehend. What made you want to write it?

A: When I began my research for my first book Elsa, I discovered so many horrifying stories involving people of all ages. I would sit at my desk and read through my notes and listen to interviews I conducted. I have written about topics that involve people undertaking things they would never have thought they were capable of even thinking about, let alone doing them.

Cecilia House came about when I watched a documentary about the abuse of children within the Catholic Church. They were neglected and unwanted children. As a historical fiction author, my goal was to bring to life as many different aspects of the past as possible. I wanted to be the voice for these children, and I hope in some way my book inspires victims and their families to seek justice.

Q: You must have been prepared to deal with a certain amount of criticism when writing about such terrible abuse?

A: To say I was angry when my website was hacked would be a severe understatement. I respect people’s rights to their opinions, but there is a line you do not cross. I never for a second intended to slander anyone’s name nor convince people what they do and believe in is wrong.

My intention is to educate and make people understand that certain things did happen and they must never occur again. We must learn from our mistakes and ensure that those who are unable to care for themselves are provided with care and comfort. Cecilia House will go a long way to teach that valuable lesson.

Q: You promote yourself as being a “unique” writer. Could you explain why?

A: Time travel stories dominated my writing during my high school years, as far back as the Tudor period in England to WW2. When trying to become a full-time writer, I did not want to use the time travel theme in my books. I wanted to take my readers back in time by making them become one with the character, so I write from a first person perspective. They become flies on the wall and are drawn into every page. I do not need to create a time machine; my books send you to a place that will spark your interest in history.

Q: Do you have any ideas about your next book?

A: Yes I do and I have already began my research. My goal is to publish two more books in the next 12 months. I will be posting updates on my blog on my website.

Born and raised in Western Australia, author Simon Gandossi grew up on a small quiet farm. Very early on in his life he began to visit museums. As he looked at the various antiques, he created stories about each of them in his mind. 

When his father bought him his first computer, those stories came to life. That passion for history grew over the years making him one of the best up-and-coming historical fiction writers.

His first two books Elsa and For Beau – The Sarah Ashdown Story have gained outstanding reviews from several major bookstores and critics. His unique perspective shocks and inspires those who read them. This has carried over into his newest novel Cecilia House when yet again Simon has created a confronting and powerful story.

Simon will continue to write on that same peaceful farm from which he wrote his first story so that for a long time to come we all will be captivated by his work.

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