With the Curiosity of a Cat by Donna Sager Cowan

The Superhero School Series, Book 2

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Thoughts:

What I Loved: Catt and Simon are an adorable pair of superheros! Their inner thoughts and their dialog are fun and extremely entertaining! I found myself utterly enjoying their adventures!

How I Felt: With the Curiosity of a Cat is written with the perfect amount of adventure for a young reader. While it has an overarching plot, there are little adventures that immediately grab the attention of the reader. Very early in the book, Catt and Simon have a skydiving incident that leads them to the discovery of the monkeys that are trapping and selling animals to the zoo. This experience gave me a chance to see how the two characters react in strange situations and got me ready to sit back and enjoy the action!

Content Warnings: None.

To Read or Not To Read: With the Curiosity of a Cat is book 2 in the series Superhero School, however, I have not read the first book in the series, and felt that it was not necessary to enjoy and understand book two. However, based on how much fun book 2 was, I think book 1 will be just as great! This book is perfect for any second grader through late-elementary age student. It is a chapter book, but incorporates illustrations every so often to help the reader visualize.

What’s This Book About Anyway?

A group of Superhero animal friends, led by Catt, the cat, and Simon, the mouse, must stop the monkeys! These evil beasts are trapping animals and selling them to the zoo!

Catt and Simon discover this terrible plot after accidentally parachuting into the jungle. Ready to rescue the poor, trapped animals, but without a good group to back them up, Catt and Simon mail themselves home to round up the troupes and devise a rescue plan.

Where To Find This Book:

Interested in the Whole Series?

Book 1: With the Courage of a Mouse by Donna Sager Cowan

With the Courage of a Mouse (The Superhero School Book 1) by [Sager Cowan, Donna]

Catt the cat is without a home or even a real name.  After she is dumped in an alley, snarling dogs chase her straight through a hidden portal and into Sweet Meadows. 

Catt sees a mouse fall from the sky. He’s not just any mouse, he is wearing a vest and coat. 

Simon Cheddar is a mouse with a plan. He’s also a collector.  He likes to recycle, but he feels safer with full pockets. Simon wants to be a Superhero, so he enrolled at the Superhero School in Sweet Meadows. Today is his first class and he doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Outside Sweet Meadows, in Mouseville, Simon’s home is attacked by cats. Everyone suspects Catt, except Simon. Did she do it?  Or, is she being set up? 

Where to Find This Book:

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I received a copy of this advanced reader’s copy for free. I am leaving my review voluntarily.

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