Blind Man’s Song by Alexandra Killworth

Rating: 3 out of 5.

How I Felt:

The Story: The idea of this book is pretty interesting. A music box that grants wishes to those that are without malicious intent. If you do have malicious intent…well who knows what will happen.

The Plot: I feel like I still have a few questions about things that happened in this book. There were things eluded to early on that I’m not sure if I ended up getting the whole answer or not. Some people really enjoy when a book doesn’t tie up lose ends, so this wouldn’t bother every reader. Overall, the plot and progression of the story were find. The book is fairly short, so it moves quickly. Each next step that the group takes made sense to me. They followed the clues and continued down their path. There were times were I felt that we went a bit too fast. For example: I would have liked a bit more information on how the trio went from reading the story of the music box to their next step. I felt like it was a huge gap in the story and my mind wasn’t able to fill in how the three of them decided on this course of action.

The Characters: I did not connect with any of the characters the entire way through this book. I honestly felt like all three of them are jerks, and kind of deserve what life has to throw at them. This was my biggest point of struggle with reading this book. It’s hard to be invested in a story when you don’t care for the characters. I want to stress that this issue is truly a personal one. You may pick this book up and completely connect with one or all of the characters. I just found that they were not people I cared to know.

Editing: There were some minor editing errors every few chapters, but that could get cleaned up in a second edition. Overall, I was not terribly affected by these. I would sometimes have to go back and re-read a sentence, but it was fine.

To Read or Not To Read: Overall, I found this story to be an interesting one. While I did not connect with any characters, I did WANT to know what was going to happen. I would recommend this for readers that:

  • Enjoy historical settings, as this book seems to be placed somewhere in the past
  • Enjoy plot lines more than character development
  • Enjoy an element of magic

Where To Find This Book:

Amazon Kindle * TBD * Goodreads

Victor’s father has just been murdered and he is wandering the streets in the aftermath. Previously the son in a wealthy family, the King’s Guard has seized his father’s assets and unless he returns to his home in another town, he cannot claim any of the funds. He is now penniless.

Having spent his last few coins, he wanders aimlessly through this foreign town. He is attacked in the street and then stumbles across the doorstep of Sabrina who happily takes him in.

Here, he meets Bella and gets to know Sabrina. While he seems always wary and untrusting of both of them, he agrees to a wild plot to track down a long-lost music box that grands wishes and dreams. Together the three of them embark on an adventure to follow the clues that could lead them to the mysterious music box. This trip, however, is much more dangerous than any of them could have dreamed.

  • Blind Man’s Song by Alexandra Killworth
  • Page Count: 180 pages
  • Pub Date: November 20, 2019

I received a copy of this advanced reader’s copy for free. I am leaving my honest, unbiased review voluntarily.

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