Slave of the Sea by Dawn Dagger – About the Book

  • Slave of the Sea by Dawn Dagger
  • The Chronicles of Salt and Blood Book 1
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Pub Date: Jan 10, 2020

Levanine’s life as a slave is insignificant. She has always been property; bound to her owner, content to serve quietly where no one can cause her harm. However, when her master sells her to pay a debt, her false safety is shattered, and she finds herself offered as a sex slave on the continent of Dreanis. Fearful and hopeless, Levanine expects the worst to happen. Nothing could prepare her to be suddenly swept onto a pirate ship by an infamous captain whose interests are a mystery to her.

Forced to think on her feet, the silent girl must overcome a lifetime of servitude to survive on a ship where everything is trying to destroy her.As sea monsters, mutinies, and ghosts wreak havoc on the ship and its crew, Levanine realizes that she doesn’t have the luxury of simply surviving until they arrive at Avondella, her continent of redemption. Levanine must decide whether she will die the person she has always been, a meek nobody… or will she make a name for herself at sea?

Slave of the Sea by Dawn Dagger

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Dawn Dagger answers some questions about her writing below!

Q: Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick?
A: Levanine loves the ocean. She wants to be free, but she is wary due to her past. If she can reach
for freedom, she does. But, if it poses a risk to herself or someone she loves, she backs down.

Q: How did you come up with the title of your first novel?
A: I actually had a friend help me and we waddled through a bog of names for a while. Slave of the Sea just sounded right.

Q: Who designed your book covers?
A: Oh my goodness, the absolutely wondrous Savanah Jervowski. She is absolutely amazing, and I tell you what, this girl makes the most stunning covers! You have to check her out!

Q: If your book was made into a film, who would you like to play the lead?
A: Oooooohhhhhh. Definitely Felicity Jones as Levanine, and Aiden Turner as Captain Guy.

Q: Anything specific you want to tell your readers?
A: I love you guuuuyyyyysssss.

Q: How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?
A: I was just sitting around one day, finishing the editing of My British Bear and reading the last of
Throne of Glass, and I decided I wanted to write a good pirate novel. A good, dark fantasy, something the likes of which I had never written before. I basically wanted something no one had done before, that was gritty, deep, and fun.

Q: Where did you come up with the names in the story?
A: Most of them I just felt around with noises on my tongue until I formed something I liked
(Eldred, Norrin, Keshnitte, Kethaltar), but sometimes I used my best friend in the entire world, the website because it has some bomb names.

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?
A: A lot! As I mentioned before, Fragments of Time will be releasing soon, as well as a hoped
sequel to My British Bear. There will be lots more of the Chronicles of Salt and Blood novels. I actually have 87 unique stories started/named, so a lot more is going to come of me!
Just a few include:

  • Shadow
  • Finding Jackson
  • Take to the Skies
  • Blood
  • Duct Tape Fixes Everything
  • I Never Thought I Would Have a Book Title as Long as a Fall Out Boy Song, but Here We Are
  • Moonlight

Q: Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?
A: Oh, yes! I have a novel called The Fall of Niesium that describes why Rakifi, the boatswain,
cannot attend a Runecasting Academy (it has nothing to do with him, it isn’t his fault, hehe!). I have a side novel about a character who has an interaction with the Captain Guy (way later in the timeline), and I am really thinking about writing a novel based around the medic, Eldred, because I really love his character, and I think he has a lot of stuff I never explored in the book. He comes from a country that’s not developed in my mind completely yet, and his character is a
strange one. It’s clear he has seen ghouls before, but doesn’t seem avidly religious or superstitious. He never talks about his past, but is a firm, caring character that can do his job well.

Dawn Dagger has had a passion for reading and writing ever since she could remember. When she was six she drew and wrote her very own book, and though it hardly makes sense now, she was so proud. She has written many books, short stories, and poems since then, and continues to do so.

Dawn placed highly in her two middle school years of Power of the Pen and even has her short story ‘The Haunting’ published in an anthology, She admits she isn’t good at anything physical (except some ballroom dancing), or video games, but she does enjoy a nice game of Mario Kart, a trip fishing, or just a walk in the woods. She has a knack for taking pictures of whatever catches her eye; especially brightly colored flowers. Dawn is a sucker for a good fantasy book, lives off of coffee, and loves her wonderful family and friends, and her dedicated boyfriend, Nevin, who is just like a romance novel character.

Dawn has over 70 stories started (don’t believe her? Just the other night she rattled off the 37 stories she’s actually named and what they’re about to Nevin because he wanted to know) and that doesn’t include short stories or poems. She has lots of writing to do, and is excited for what’s ahead!

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