The Price of Time by Tim Tigner

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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I loved watching the concept of this premise play out in the book. The idea of an injection that can make a person live forever, never aging, never getting ill was fascinating.

The Price of Time was full of suspense and mystery! I wanted to know what was happening, but the author kept his secrets until just before the end.

The characters were a well-balanced mix of mysterious, likable, arrogant, and despicable. I found people that I was rooting for and others that I hoped would get what they deserved by the end!

The writing kept me extremely invested in this story from start to finish. Tim Tigner knows how to tell a wonderful story that has twists and turns, character development, and an ending that leaves you so happy with the book you just read!


“They say pressure is the first ingredient for making mistakes.”
― Tim Tigner, The Price of time

This book is a great read for anyone interested in suspense and mystery. It has murder, assassins, body-snatching, backstabbing, just about everything you can think of for this genre. There’s a touch of romance, but I’m not tagging it that way, as I really felt it was a small side-story and, while done well, it did not add much to the overall plot.

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If you had immortality, what would you do with it?

A group of investors and scientists find a way to create a serum that must be injected periodically into a person, but will stop the aging process and offer then immortality. After the realization sinks in that they have in fact ACTUALLY and FINALLY done this, they decide that they cannot just put this product into the mass market. If everyone lives forever, that would be catastrophic for earth. The population would soar, etc etc. They decide to basically keep the secret for themselves.

Soon, it becomes evident that this plan will not work forever. They will have to change identities, as their acquaintances age and they do not. Their decision to find just the right look-alike for each one of them, and steal their identity is the beginning of the group’s every growing problems. One of their own has been murdered, now, what will they do now?

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