The Forgotten Rabbit Tale by Christy Garnhart – Easter Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What I Loved:

Have you ever gotten chills from reading a story that utterly touched your heart? THAT is what this book did to me. I know the history of Easter, but the interlacing of Easter’s events and a beloved children’s holiday tradition created a beautiful combination that left me speechless. I loved this story.

How I Felt:

The Illustrations: I loved the character’s faces in this book. I just thought they were so filled with expression at each moment in the story. I enjoyed the feeling of the artwork gave to the timeframe as well. It felt like we were in biblical times.

The Story: The Forgotten Rabbit Tale is a story that follows a little boy during the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It also, however, weaves the story of how the Easter bunny and color eggs factor into the tale. It’s a beautiful way to connect the Easter holiday with the celebratory events of present day. I was so drawn into this story, and while it is a children’s book, it was so impactful for me. Christy Garnhart has written an impressive tale that is sure to touch the hearts of readers.

Overall, The Forgotten Rabbit Tale was an amazing children’s book that is perfect for Easter. With lovely writing, a touching story, and beautiful illustrations, it was wonderful!

To Read or Not To Read:

I would recommend The Forgotten Rabbit Tale for readers looking for an Easter book for a child. It’s perfect for pre-k through middle-elementary.

Where to Find This Book:

The Forgotten Rabbit Tale by Christy Garnhart is available at these sites. | Amazon | Amazon Kindle | Westbow Press

Extra Activity:

Christy has some fun kid’s activities to go with her book! You can check those out here.

Have you ever wanted to share a story with your child that connects today’s Easter traditions with the story of Jesus?

Join Joses and his friend on the road to market in a story that has been lost to the centuries. Their adventure lands them in the middle of an event so momentous that it will change the course of history!

Just the Facts:

  • The Forgotten Rabbit Tale by Christy Garnhart
  • Genre: Children’s
  • Page Count: 40 pages
  • Publisher: WestBow Press
  • Pub Date: March 2, 2020

Christy Garnhart is a writer, educator, and therapist who has worked with children and families since 2004. She holds degrees in psychology and social work, and has obtained professional licenses for clinical mental practice, special education, and educational administration.

Her greatest learning, however, has come from raising her five children with her husband in rural Illinois. She loves reading stories with her family, especially those involving Biblical characters.

In addition to working in schools, she also writes for her blog,, an informational yet humorous source for parents where she shares her love of family, work, faith, and farm.


I was provided a copy of this book for free. I am leaving my honest, unbiased review voluntarily.

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