Reads that Gave Me a Book Hangover

“A book hangover is a condition where a reader’s emotional investment in a book leaves them at a loss once the book ends. They can’t get into another book, and they want all their next reads to be as good as the last book. This can last days, or weeks, depending on the book.”

She Just Loves Books describing a book hangover

Book hangovers are real…I know I have a book hangover when I go to open my kindle, audible, or physical book and am disappointed when I realize the book I’m currently reading is no longer that last book.

So, here’s my list of recent reads that left me with a book hangover because they were that good! I want you to know about these, because while they will cause a book hangover, they can also cure one. It’s a bit like the hair of the dog…

Wildland by Rebecca Hodge (See Review)

Why the hangover?
🍸 Amazing Character Growth
🍸 Harrowing Rescue Attempts
🍸 Beautiful Writing
🍸 A Don’t Give Up Story

A Witch in Time by Constance Sayers (See Review)

Why the hangover?
🍸 Reliving Lives
🍸 A Man to Love
🍸 Lovely writing
🍸 Witchy Happenings

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (See Review)

Why the hangover?
🍸 Amazing World Building
🍸 A Main Character You Root For
🍸 A Fast-Paced, Exciting Story
🍸 Gamer’s Fantasy-Land

Verity By Colleen Hoover (See Review)

Why the hangover?
🍸 Crazy Characters
🍸 A Story with So Many Questions to Answer
🍸 Spooky Happenings
🍸 A Well-Told Story

The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow (See Review)

Why the hangover?
🍸 Beautiful Writing
🍸 A Story that Comes Together So Well
🍸 Fantasy Worlds
🍸 A Story Within a Story

The Return by Camille Funk (See Review)

Why the hangover?
🍸 Reliving Lives
🍸 A Heartbreaking Love Story
🍸 Characters You Love to Hate
🍸 An Ending to Make You Want the Next Book

The Wanderlust Diaries by Maria Martinico (See Review)

Why the hangover?
🍸 A Romance That Makes You Fall in Love Too
🍸 Wonderful Travel Locations
🍸 A Main Character You Love
🍸 S-T-E-A-M-Y Scenes

The Grace Year by Kim Liggett (See Review)

Why the hangover?
🍸 A Fabulous Dystopian World
🍸 Crazy Rules that Pissed Me Off (Yep I wanted these men to go down)
🍸 Survival Alone and Yet Together
🍸 Mysteries to Solve

The Book of the Unnamed Midwife by Meg Elison (See Review)

Why the hangover?
🍸 A Gripping Post-Apocalyptic Situation
🍸 Thought-Provoking Gender Roles
🍸 Survival in Isolation
🍸 Interesting Writing Style

So, that’s my list! I’d love to hear what books have left you with quite the hangover!

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2 thoughts on “Reads that Gave Me a Book Hangover

  1. This is a great list! The cover of The Ten Thousand Doors of January never fails to make me do a double take haha, and I also really want to read the book! Ready Player One was a fantastic book and definitely deserves all the hype. I actually ended up getting the opposite of a book slump after reading it, as in it made me want to read more πŸ˜„.

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