Down A Darker Path by Laura Maybrooke

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What I Loved:

Down A Darker Path was a fabulous follow-up to the first book in the series Dulcea’s Rebellion! I loved the strength shown by Dulcea, the main character, and I found the romance so enticing!!

How I Felt:

How beautiful is this cover!?!? I just had to give it a shout out because it is absolutely stunning!

The story picks up from the end of book 1, so make sure you’ve read the first book before starting this one! Dulcea is given a choice. She must choose between the dragon clan or Krath…and she makes her choice and then he leaves her behind! Men! Dulcea’s days are filled with battles with weapons as well as battles over her feelings. She struggles with her honor to keep loyal to her own kind and her budding love for Krath.

The pace of this story is perfect for those that like to jump right into the action. I found the entire story fast-paced and filled with exciting situations! I loved the descriptions of the world. Laura Maybrooke does an excellent job of building her world and creates beautiful images of her story.

The characters are just as lovely in book 2 as in the first book. Dulcea is this wonderfully complicated character. She struggles with her feelings of love and her feelings of loyalty, and yet she is such a strong woman. I love seeing her grow as the series progresses!

Overall, I loved this story and I look forward to book 3!! The writing is wonderful with excellent world-building and a story that kept me entranced!

To Read or Not To Read:

I would recommend Down A Darker Path for readers that enjoy a dark fantasy and a slow-burn romance!

This is the second book in the series, and I would suggest reading the first book before starting this one, as there is so much information and world-building in the first book, Immortal Defiance. You can check out my review here!

Where to Find This Book:

Down A Darker Path by Laura Maybrooke is available at these sites.

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To win, she must lose. To succeed, she must fail.
The time has come. Dulcea must choose what is important to her.
Krath – the handsome, immortal vampire warrior – who rescued her from enemy hands, has proven himself to be a kindred spirit and a possible ally. Yet, neither Dulcea’s dragons nor her army are willing to accept such a dark hero.

The golden dragons have long been her allies, but their power is limited. They are no match for the demon Grom, but they alone bring hope to her army.

What is the right way forward?
What will Dulcea choose, and will her choice doom the world – or save it?

Note to readers: This is the second book in the slow burn fantasy romance series Dulcea’s Rebellion, exploring the meaning and value of freedom, friendships, love, and courage through the eyes of an elven heroine who finds her views challenged by unlikely events. This book is part two of a single long story arc spanning three books.

Books 3 has an expected release date toward the fall/end of 2020.

Just the Facts:

Down A Darker Path by Laura Maybrooke
Series: Dulcea’s Rebellion, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy
Page Count: 312 pages
Publisher: Self-published
Pub Date: March 21, 2020


I was provided an advanced reader’s copy of this book for free. I am leaving my review voluntarily.

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