Knucklehead Fred by Arias Williams

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What I Loved:

I’m a mom, and I have two kids that struggle to clean up after themselves…I think all moms live this life! I loved that this story offered a fun way for children to see what responsibility is, and how wonderful it is to feel proud of yourself after having accomplished something!

My Synopsis:

Fred is a normal young boy who chooses not to pick up after himself. He brushes off his chores to do things that he wants to do instead. His actions have not caused him any issues until the day he wants something and his parents say


Whoops, Knucklehead Fred, it might be time to start taking the time to do the chores.

Knucklehead Fred follows a boy as he learns the value of following directions and helping out at home.

How I Felt:

I liked this story. It’s a simple, easy to follow picture book that had my children’s full attention. They connected with Fred. They had both been there themselves. It was nice to see their reactions to the positive behavior that Fred shows as the story progresses. Overall, the both enjoyed this book, and would absolutely ask for a second reading!

The character Fred is easy to understand. He’s a young boy who just wants to do his own thing. He doesn’t have time for picking up after himself or taking out the trash. I liked that it took a parent putting their foot down for him to stop and rethink his choices. I think parents will connect with Fred’s mother and father while the kids understand where Fred is coming from.

Knucklehead Fred was illustrated by Bolaji Olaloye, and the book looks fabulous! I loved the bright colors that were used, and the overall choices for the artwork. The characters’ facial expressions were amazing! I felt like everything was conveyed through the images.

Overall, I really enjoyed this children’s book. The story was easy for a child to understand, offered a good lesson wrapped up in an interesting story, and it was beautifully illustrated.

To Read or Not To Read:

I would recommend Knucklehead Fred for children of all ages!

Where to Find This Book:

Knucklehead Fred by Arias Williams is available at these sites.

Bookshop | Kindle | Amazon | Goodreads | Barnes and Noble


Knucklehead Fred is a whimsical, rhyming story about a fun-loving, energetic boy named Fred.

His parents just can’t figure out how to make him sit still and listen!

But when Fred finds himself in need of a favor, Mom and Dad use it as a perfect opportunity to teach him a thing or two about responsibility.

Just the Facts:

Knucklehead Fred by Arias Williams
Genre: Children’s
Page Count: 32 pages
Publisher: Bandele Books
Pub Date: June 2, 2020

Arias Williams is a creative based in Los Angeles, CA.

He is a father of two children, a husband, and currently teaches 7th Grade in South Los Angeles.

When he isn’t working on Knucklehead Fred, Arias can be found in his home studio making beats, hanging with his family, or working to educate the future of Los Angeles.


I was provided an advanced reader’s copy of this book for free. I am leaving my review voluntarily.

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