How Much It May Storm by A.N. Willis

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I cannot even explain how much I loved this story! What an absolutely amazing mix of coming of age, paranormal, and mystery!

This dual-timeline story takes the reader between 1918 and 1943 to unravel the deep-rooted secrets of a family and their nurse. In 1918, Millie arrives in a small town in Colorado, recently hired to provide nursing assistance to two Gainsbury family members with the Spanish Flu. Millie finds a spark of romance in the family’s son, Edward, who just returned from the war. Millie has a secret though, that she protects to keep others safe, and Edward may be getting close to understanding what it is.

In 1943, Dinah has recently said goodbye to her brother as he heads off to war, and she’s finding herself alone and sad. In her loneliness, she visits their favorite hiding spot but experiences some upsetting occurrences…sounds and handprints on the glass that she cannot explain. And then a man dressed in a WWI uniform. She begins to think she is being haunted, and her story becomes intertwined with Millie’s as Dinah searches for the truth about the man in uniform, and what happened to Millie.

This was such a good book. Sometimes in dual-timelines, I find myself connecting to one time period more than the other, but in this book, I was fascinated by both stories. The events that happen are exciting, creepy, and absolutely wonderful.

The characters all have these secrets that open up to reveal more secrets, and it just created this amazing, unique plot, that I adored. I loved reading about Millie and her ability, but I also loved reading about Dinah discovering Millie’s story, and trying to right some wrongs.

There is a wonderful paranormal element in this story, but it’s not just a ghost story, it has so many other elements. There’s some romance, some mystery, and some unfortunate misunderstandings. It all mixed together to create an amazing plot, and I couldn’t put it down! I highly recommend this one!

To Read or Not To Read:

I would recommend How Much It May Storm to readers that enjoy coming-of-age stories with real-life situations.

Where to Find This Book:

How Much It May Storm by A.N. Willis is available at these sites.

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Their secret didn’t die with her.

Colorado, 1918: Millie Boylan is a nurse who sees darkness marking those soon to die. When she falls for a doomed soldier named Edward Gainsbury, she vows to save his life. But Millie soon finds the greatest danger is the one she cannot see.

Colorado, 1943: With a brother gone to war, Dinah must learn how to fend for herself. She spends her days scouring the old mine for ore and her nights longing to escape her dying town. When Dinah sees a young soldier who looks just like Edward Gainsbury out in the snow—though he supposedly died in 1918—she follows him into the woods.

Dinah is quickly drawn into the mysteries surrounding the Gainsbury family. Unexplained events begin to follow her wherever she goes—strange footsteps appearing in the snow, hands pressed to windows of buildings long abandoned. But what she discovers will force Dinah to confront the true history of her town and the darkness hiding inside those she least suspects.

Just the Facts:

How Much It May Storm by A.N. Willis
Genre: Paranormal
Page Count: 340 pages
Publisher: Observatory Books
Pub Date: October 16, 2020


I was provided an advanced reader’s copy of this book for free. I am leaving my review voluntarily.

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