Will Santa Stop Here? by Christy Garnhart

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This Christmas is different than any of our children have experienced so far. There are so many questions that I know my children have about how Santa is going to make it to our home. Is he quarantined too? Will he have a mask? How will he keep from getting sick? Things that while I can say, yes, yes, it will all be fine, reading a book about it seems to help them feel better!

Will Santa Stop Here? was the perfect book to help alleviate my kiddos’ fears. The story features a little girl questioning how Santa is going to make it to her house this pandemic Christmas Eve. While her mother assures her, she still wonders. But then, she hears something, and creeping downstairs she gets to experience how Santa and his elves are handling their very important job of delivering gifts.

This was a story that the kids absolutely loved. It was easy to understand and relate to, as my daughter has some very real fears about Santa not being able to make it this year. We really had a lot to talk about when we finished the story, and she seems to be feeling more optimistic that the man in red is going to make it to our house!

The story is written in rhyme, which I loved. It flowed well, and was easy and fun to read. The illustrations are great, and I love the cover so much!

Overall, this was a wonderful story that entertained the entire family. It was perfect for the times we are living in and will be one that we continue reading for years to come!

To Read or Not To Read:

I would recommend Will Santa Stop Here? to children of any age! The pages are fun to look at, and the story is perfect for the season!

Where to Find This Book:

Will Santa Stop Here? by Christy Garnhart is available at these sites.

Amazon ~ Kindle ~ Goodreads


“Will Santa Stop Here?” is a fun and contemporary rendition of a traditional holiday story. This delightful tale was written especially for little girls and boys who are wondering if jolly old St. Nick will still be able to visit considering all that’s going on in the world today.

Just the Facts:

Will Santa Stop Here? by Christy Garnhart
Genre: Childrens
Page Count: 31 pages
Publisher: Self-Published
Pub Date: November 29, 2020


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