The White Door by Heather Kindt

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The game just got real. Like really, really real.

Okay, if you have been reading this series, I cannot wait for you to grab this one! If you haven’t started this series, it is amazing, and you should absolutely read it! Please do not start the series with this book. This is a series that should be read in order. These are not stand-alone stories.

The White Door picks up pretty soon after the last book ends. We are literally thrown into the action within the first few pages, and it’s a heart-racing adventure from there on out. Someone is trying to kill Brek, and they don’t know who. Behind the white door, Meg and Brek discover yet another world, but this one proves to be so different from the previous ones. They find themselves thrown into crazy plans that have involved them from the start, and dangers that are proving to be more real than they could have ever expected.

I devoured this book! The first two books in this series are so much fun. They were exciting and adventurous. This one though, took a crazy turn, making the whole story come full circle in a way. I’m left with so many questions and a need to know what happens in the next book, but I feel like the puzzle is starting to come together now!

There is a lot of action in this one, and the story moves really quickly. I liked that this one really relies on Meg and helps her to see her own value and worth, she’s not just a girl from the Dump. She is an awesome person with her own strength and importance. It was wonderful character development, and I can’t wait to see what happens with her in the next book!!

To Read or Not To Read:

I would recommend The White Door to readers that enjoy fantasy worlds mixed with our world. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, this is a series you would enjoy!

If you haven’t started this series, here are the links to my reviews of the first two books!
The Green Door by Heather Kindt – Book 1
The Red Door by Heather Kindt – Book 2

Where to Find This Book:

The White Door by Heather Kindt is available at these sites.

Amazon ~ Goodreads


The game is no longer a game.

With the completion of the Red Door and the prize money doubled, Meg is determined to tackle the White Door, a portal she’s been drawn to since they started the game. But when Brek is attacked and almost killed, they are thrust into the new world sooner than they planned.

And it is a world unlike any they’ve encountered before. Within a setting five hundred years in the future, they find a human race on the brink of extinction. The leader had helped a select few escape Earth on a spacecraft before the planet was destroyed, attempting to create a sinless society. The ones who are considered less than perfect are exiled to a nearby planet.

Traveling to the future, Meg and Brek finally discover the inner workings behind the game and Rosenbaum’s true motivations. They also find out that the people they thought they could trust might be holding secrets far too deep to forgive.

The White Door is the third book in Heather Kindt’s young adult fantasy series. If you like secret societies, masquerades, and microscopic robots, then you’ll love the third installment of the Eternal Artifacts series.

Just the Facts:

The White Door by Heather Kindt
Series: The Eternal Artifacts, Book 3
Genre: Fantasy
Page Count: 251 
Pub Date: December 3, 2020


I was provided an advanced reader’s copy of this book for free. I am leaving my review voluntarily..

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