Endemic by D.M. Taylor

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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This book weaves the lives of two people and one family together in such a thrilling way! I loved the perspective of the three main characters. I kept bouncing all over the place about what was actually going on, and I didn’t really understand until the end, so I got to enjoy all the surprises!

Endemic is the second book in D.M. Taylor’s time travel thriller series. Endemic picks up where The Reckoning left off, following the same main characters as they work for the secret government agency, The Patriot Party.

Since this is a second book, we get a chance to really get to know the characters in this story. There is a lot of focus on the relationships that were lost, damaged, or changed due to the time travelers’ memories vs the rest of the world. The time travelers remember both the old timeline and the new one, while the rest of society only remembers the altered timeline. This concept really gave me a lot to think about, and I enjoyed Taylor’s focus on it. I loved some of the interactions between characters where these memories surface and how they deal with them.

The plot was a slow-burn, and I felt anxious to find out where it was going, and what was going on. Ultimately, the plot got really exciting, like really crazy good, it just takes a bit to get to that turning point, so be patient! I loved the lead up to what is going to be an absolutely stunning third book. There’s no other way the next one can turn out. Taylor left me with all the jaw-dropping details at the end that have me on edge to get that next book!

Overall, this was an exciting thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Make sure you pick up the first book, The Reckoning, if you haven’t read it!

To Read or Not To Read:

I would recommend Endemic to readers that enjoy science fiction and character relationships.
I would recommend that you read The Reckoning by D.M. Taylor before starting this book! Review link.

Where to Find This Book:

Endemic by D.M. Taylor is available at these sites.
Kindle ~ Amazon ~ Goodreads


Dr. Taden Barrett is credited for having discovered time travel and, along with The Patriot Party—a secret government organization—has used it to resolve a terrorist attack.
On the precipice of this victory over The Reckoning, she’s finding a link to the future so as to cease altering the past. But, are we doomed to repeat history?

Ruth Barrett landed the most important account of her career, only, she has to work alongside her sister’s murderer from a re-written timeline. Will he deliver the same fate to her?

Dr. Abel Mihal must carry the memories of previous timelines to prevent our nation from crumbling. Can he do this alone?

Facing past life demons and fighting time to beat a power-hungry dictator’s shocking endemic sends each onto their own path of discernment.

Who can be trusted?

And will there be enough time?

Just the Facts:

Endemic by D.M. Taylor
Series: The Reckoning, Book 2
Genre: Science Fiction
Page Count: 208 pages
Publisher: Quantum Entanglement
Pub Date: January 4, 2021


I was provided a gifted copy of this book for free. I am leaving my review voluntarily.

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