And Then She Vanished by Nick Jones

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Rating: 4 out of 5.
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A man obsessed with the mystery of his sister’s disappearance 20 years ago.
An accidental discovery that time travel is possible.
A chance to save his sister.

I really loved the premise for this book, and the story lived up to my expectations! The time-travel was fun, exciting, and unexpected. I enjoyed the main character’s drive and determination about finding his sister, and I loved how the story wrapped up!

The main character, Joe, is absolutely a wreck from the disappearance of his sister. He’s become a recluse and is about to lose his home. His life and family fell apart after Amy went missing. I enjoyed this distraught behavior in him in the beginning. It created such a character arc as he discovers his ability to time travel. I thought he was a good MC and I enjoyed his story from start to finish. There were a few other side characters that I really enjoyed as well. One, a record store owner, brings some light moments that made me smile a lot.

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I liked Joe’s time travel situation. I really enjoy time travel because there are so many ways an author can take the story. This one had some fun rules that made the story really interesting and helped move the plot along.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! It was hard for me to put aside, and when I wasn’t reading, I was wondering what Joe was up to!

To Read or Not To Read:

I would recommend And Then She Vanished by Nick Jones for readers that enjoy a missing person mystery and time travel!

Where to Find This Book:

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He only looked away for a second.

Still haunted by the disappearance of his little sister Amy over twenty years ago, Joseph Bridgeman’s life has fallen apart. When a friend talks him into seeing hypnotherapist Alexia Finch to help with his insomnia, Joseph accidentally discovers he can time travel. His first trip only takes him back a few minutes, but his new-found ability gives him something he hasn’t felt for the longest time: hope.

Joseph sets out to travel back to the night Amy went missing and save her. But after several failed attempts, he discovers the farther back he travels, the less time he gets to stay there. And the clock is ticking.

With the help of Alexia, Joseph embarks on a desperate race against the past to save his sister. Can he master his new skill and solve the mystery of Amy’s disappearance before it’s too late?

Just the Facts:

And Then She Vanished by Nick Jones
Genre: Science Fiction
Page Count: 246 pages
Publisher:  Blackstone Publishing
Pub Date: February 2, 2021

Nick Jones was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, and now lives in the Cotswolds, England. In a previous life, he ran his own media company and was a 2nd Dan black belt in Karate. These days he can be found in his writing room, working on his latest mind-bending ideas, surrounded by notes and scribbling on a large white board. He loves movies, kindness, gin, and vinyl.



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