All the Wrong Shelves by Felicia Blaedel

Rating: 5 out of 5.
White library with lots of stairs and "Contemporary" text

This was an absolutely lovely story of falling in love. I loved the slow-burn feel to the story, giving the reader time to feel the romance with the characters. It is the second book in the series, but I think it can absolutely be read as a stand-alone!

The two main characters were wonderful together. They had great conversations that felt real, and I loved how the two of them grew throughout the story! Nessa, one of the MCs is autistic, and I thought Blaedel expertly created a character that I could connect with and respond to. It added another real-feel element to this story!

This was, overall, a wonderful, heartwarming story that you will not want to put down. The relationships built in the story pull at your emotions, and the characters become your friends.

To Read or Not To Read:

I would recommend All The Wrong Shelves to readers that enjoy character-driven slow-burn romances.

Where to Find This Book:

All The Wrong Shelves by Felicia Blaedel is available at these sites.
Amazon ~ Kindle ~ Goodreads

Book 1 in this series: Chasing Pebbles by Felicia Blaedel


Nessa Ravn couldn’t have picked a better time to look for a library ghost.

Zander is making the right decisions to fight the indifference that has shaped his life. When one of those decisions leaves him temporarily homeless, he never expected to gain a new friend.
Nessa is real, she’s honest, and she believes in him. Zanders longs to be authentic. He’s been pretending, playing a part, for as long as he can remember.
But Nessa is pretending, too. Pretending she isn’t exhausted, that the world isn’t too loud, and that she doesn’t have a book full of notes that might explain why she’s always been a little different.
As she’s learning to trust herself, she might even realise that she doesn’t need to hide who she is. 

They’re unexpected roommates, unlikely friends and maybe something more — something real.

Just the Facts:

All The Wrong Shelves by Felicia Blaedel
Genre: Romance
Page Count: 400 
Publisher: Cannoli Books
Pub Date: February 25, 2021


I was provided a gifted copy of this book for free. I am leaving my review voluntarily.

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