Stormland by John Shirley

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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I love a good post-apocalyptic story, and I completely got one in Stormland! I loved that the story made me feel the danger from the weather, from the travel, and from the people. It created a heart racing, edge-of-your-seat roller-coaster ride that I didn’t want to get off of.

I really enjoyed the characters. They fill the story out. The storm is always there, it might get quiet for a bit, but it always comes back, and I felt like I could rely on that throughout the story. The characters though, there was so much surprise, change, and growth, it complimented the steadiness of the roaring weather really well.

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I think that readers that enjoy a sci-fi post-apocalyptic story will really enjoy this one! It perfect if you enjoy heart-racing moments, great characters, and unstable conditions!

Where to Find This Book:

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They call it Stormland: a sprawling, largely abandoned region of the southeastern coast of the USA, where climate change’s extreme weather conditions have brought about a “perfect storm” of perpetual tempests; where hurricane-strength storms return day after day, 365 days a year.

The heart of Stormland is Charleston, South Carolina, a flooded ruin where hundreds of people remain for their own peculiar reasons; where thugs prey on the weak, and a strangely benevolent cult tries to keep everyone insanely sane. Here, plutocratic evil takes advantage of Stormland’s lawlessness to cultivate a weirdly puppeted theater of cruelty.

Swept into the turbulent vortex of Stormland is an unlikely duo—a former serial killer and a former US Marshal—who must work together to bring light to America’s late twenty-first century heart of darkness.

A cyberpunk detective thriller set in a maelstrom of climatic upheaval, classism, and corrupt power, Stormland paradoxically dramatizes the resilience of the human spirit.

Just the Facts:

Stormland by John Shirley
Genre: Science Fiction
Page Count: 300 
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Pub Date: April 13, 2021

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John Shirley is one of the original cyberpunk writers. He is the author of numerous novels, including Demons, CrawlersWetbonesCellarsBleak HistoryCity Come A-WalkinBioshock: Rapture, and the Song Called Youth trilogy.

His story collections include the Bram Stoker Awardwinning Black Butterflies. He is coscreenwriter of The Crow, has written an episode of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series, as well as animation scripts. Check out the author’s WEBSITE for more info.


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2 thoughts on “Stormland by John Shirley

  1. This sounds like a great book to get me back into the sci-fi/fantasy genre- thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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