Serious Little Catholics by Kathy Gereau

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was a wonderful memoir! Kathy’s personality is fun and really comes out through the words on the page! I really enjoyed that she writes this book with light-hearted stories and a lovely attitude.

Serious Little Catholics is a story of growing up Catholic. We see Kathy’s thoughts and perspective of being in Catholic school and beyond. She tells stories that make you laugh, and she provides great context around the faith that she grew up in.

I really enjoyed this memoir. Kathy had me laughing through her entire book. Her perspective on faith, family, and religion are wonderfully written, and made the book such a joy to read! Regardless of your current faith, I think any reader can find this to be a fun story!

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Serious Little Catholics follows Kathy Gereau, the oldest of seven children, as she grows up in the mid-’50s and ’60s and makes her way through Catholic school alongside her siblings. Initially, she buys into the mysteries of faith and the litany of rules being spouted by the Sisters of Mercy. But when her fourth grade teacher tells the class that Kathy’s sweet little Protestant grandmother would never be admitted into heaven, she begins to question the rigid dogma of the church. Later, she discovers that not all boys are as goofy as her brothers and struggles with the notion that it is a woman’s responsibility to discourage men from the plague of impure thoughts. Even an innocent flirtation can sinfully lead men into a temptation they are not capable of resisting; it doesn’t seem fair.

Ultimately, with the help of her classmates and a few understanding teachers, she learns to laugh at the ridiculous bits of her religion–and discovers the spiritual message within.

Just the Facts:

Serious Little Catholics by Kathy Gereau
Genre: Memoir
Page Count: 256 pages
Publisher: She Writes Press
Pub Date: June 8, 2021

Kathy Gereau was born into a family of natural storytellers in 1951. Her family soon moved from Washington, DC, to a small town in Illinois. After graduating from Northern Illinois University, she landed a special education teaching job in Galena, IL, where she currently lives. She retired at age fifty and began looking for her next passion. She joined a local writer’s group and began jotting down stories from her childhood. Encouraged by these supportive and accomplished writers, she decided to put her stories into a book. She currently resides in Galena, IL.

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