Urge to Rome by Kyra Robinov

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

When Kyra begins to struggle with migraines, aging parents, teenage children, and working too much, her and her husband find an opportunity to move to Europe, and they jump at it!

Kyra’s story of her adventure in Rome is one that will sweep you away. Kyra’s memoir is honest and raw at times, making you connect with her and her life. I found her struggles and triumphs through her year abroad to be entertaining, emotional, and wonderful. She tells her story in a way that makes the reader feel like they are right there with her!

I would recommend this story for any reader that wants to take a break from their every day life and experience a year abroad with Kyra and her family!

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I could have gone to a shrink. But a year in Italy sounded so much more appealing. My fantasy was that by changing my address, my insecurities would vanish and I would magically become the sexy, sultry, and migraine-free woman I was always meant to be.

After 9/11, the stress of daily life in NYC consumed me and everyone else. Throw in a couple of aging parents, two adolescent children, a workaholic husband and a defective I-can-and-must-do-everything-perfectly gene, and it’s probably not unexpected that migraines had become a way of life for me. The idea of moving away, combined with visions of a slower, quieter life where we’d have time to “chew” our food, “breathe” the air, and take frequent weekend jaunts, was extremely enticing.

When the stars aligned enough to make our adventure possible, we jumped at the chance. Little did I know what awaited us.

Just the Facts:

Urge to Rome by Kyra Robinov
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Dancing in the Dark Press
Pub Date: September 1, 2021

Kyra Robinov is a Manhattan-based writer who works in many genres—fiction, non-fiction, musical theatre, and children’s literature. 

After fictionalizing her grandmother’s story of a young mother surviving the Russian Revolution in her historical novel, RED WINTER, Kyra decided to focus on her father’s life. Her recent nonfiction release, HiSTORY, spotlights a daughter’s perspective on a bygone era and a man who struggled before ultimately achieving financial and personal success.

Kyra Robinov’s passion for the arts and storytelling originated in ballet and drama, and often, but not always, relates to her Russian Jewish heritage. She has worked on multiple live theater pieces.  Kyra wrote the book and lyrics for TO DANCE, a musical inspired by the true life of Russian Jewish ballet dancer Valery Panov, which was featured at the NYC Fringe Festival in 2015.

Her whimsical Nature Stories In Verse—MATT McFLACK & HIS FLYAWAY KITE, DANCE OF THE SEASONS, and THE FOLLY OF POLLY THE PENGUIN—introduces young readers to the importance of perseverance, the different times of the year, and combatting climate change. The books are also available on Audible.com.

Next up is URGE TO ROME, a personal recollection about the challenging year she and her family spent while following their dream to live abroad. https://www.kyrarobinov.com/ 

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