Slothy Claus by Jodie Shepherd

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Slothy Claus has instantly become a family favorite, and a book we will read over and over again! Christmas time has kids and adults alike excited and impatient for the big day to get here. We can FINALLY open our gifts and play! But what happens when Santa is a sloth? The speed and timing of delivering gifts is maybe not so fast. When Slothy Claus doesn’t make it to homes on Christmas Eve, families find the true meaning of Christmas.

I really enjoyed this story. I loved the writing, and the illustrations. They told the story perfectly. You could feel Slothy Claus’ speed vs the impatience and hustle of the families and even the elves. It was a great story, and my kids both enjoyed it (and so did I)! I look forward to reading this one again and again!

Where to Find This Book:

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What will children do when a sluggish Slothy Claus doesn’t make it to their home in time for Christmas morning? This charming story helps kids learn that Christmas is about more than just presents under the tree.

Slothy Claus has lots of presents for good boys and girls this year, but how is this notoriously lethargic animal supposed to travel all around the world in just one night? You guessed it! Slothy takes his sweet time, and when kids wake up to empty stockings and bare trees, it feels like Christmas is ruined! How will they ever find happiness without their chocolates and toys?

Slothy Claus is equal parts humorous and heartwarming. Children ages 4 to 8 will

  • learn that the joy of Christmas doesn’t come from material things but from the love between family and friends
  • enjoy the delightfully funny one-of-a-kind artwork
  • love the classic rhyme that will fill your own family’s Christmas with love, laughter, and a spirit of giving

Slothy Claus concludes with a summer scene complete with flip flops and a barbecue when Slothy Claus finally flies down in his sleigh to deliver gift after gift–for a special celebration of Christmas in July. With a bright, glittery cover, this fun picture book is the perfect gift for advent or Christmas.


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I was provided a gifted copy of this book for free. I am leaving my honest review voluntarily.

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