After the Plague (Volumes 1, 2 & 3) by Imogen Keeper

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book was fan-freaking-tastic! If you are into post-apoc survival stories, this book is for you!

After the Plague is broken into three sections, or volumes, but in this version, they were all in one book, and I liked it that way. Each volume is pretty short, and I didn’t want to stop reading. I didn’t want to stop so much so that when I finished last night, I immediately downloaded volume 4 because I needed to keep going with these characters and their stories!

This story has a virus that wipes out most people, leaving just a few survivors who start to find each other. The narration alternates between Frankie and Yorke. Frankie loses her husband, and it is devastating to her. So much so that while she doesn’t get sick, she’s determined just curl up on his grave and die, but life doesn’t work out like that for her, and pretty soon she’s out there surviving just like she promised her husband she would.

Yorke and Frankie have a hot and spicy connection and the author does a great job of letting that relationship have a slow burn as Frankie is grieving for her husband. I like how she gives the reader snippets of relief allowing them to get entangled in their feelings, but then pulls back, and we have to wait again. These scenes are descriptive and on fire so be ready for that!

The survival aspect is something I love in post-apoc fiction, and I really enjoyed that Frankie isn’t a survivalist. She “can’t do anything”, but we find that she can, and it’s awesome to follow her as she learns. Yorke on the other hand, is a man that is trained to survive, so he’s our hero that sweeps in with guns blazing, giving the story lots of high-velocity action!

I absolutely couldn’t put this book down, and I immediately grabbed the next one, so it’s a huge 5 stars for me, and I highly recommend it!

Content Warnings: Drug use, kidnapping, murder, hostage situation, abuse, descriptive gun violence, and graphic sexual depiction (it’s good though😉) Really, everything you think about a post-apoc world.

Where to Find This Book:

Amazon ~ Goodreads

From award-winning Imogen Keeper, comes a new gut-wrenching saga filled with danger, darkness, and insatiable romance.

99% of the population dies due to a strange unnatural virus, leaving 1% grieving, scared, desperate, capable of anything, plunged into a world without laws, and no one to enforce them anyway.

Frankie has zero skills to survive, but when she loses the love of her life, she discovers an untapped well of hope and courage inside herself – to find the others, the left-behind survivors who must now rebuild in the face of gathering clans, rising dictators, and everpresent danger.

When Yorke, a lone soldier, who never wanted a family, finds Frankie, he has a single burning conviction: if anyone will make the rules in this strange new lawless world, it will be them.

Before the apocalypse they were strangers. Now their lives will forever be entwined.

This special edition set includes the first three volumes in one sexy, seductive, breathtaking story that blends romance, adventure, and hope into an unforgettable read. Fans of Laura Thalassa and Diana Gabaldon will love this Romantic saga.

Just the Facts:

After the Plague (Volumes 1, 2 & 3) by Imogen Keeper
Series: After the Plague
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic
Publisher: Mindless Muse
Pub Date: October 1, 2021


I was provided a gifted copy of this book for free. I am leaving my honest review voluntarily.

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