Hide by Kiersten White

Book Genre Block - "Horror" creepy house in woods
Person peeking through hole titled "Thriller"

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m a sucker for a storyline where many enter and few will survive 🤣. Seriously, if there is a story where people are forced to fight against each other or against “something” to survive in a “locked-room” environment, I just can’t help but love it!

Which brings me to Hide, a story of 14 contestants entered in a game of Hide and Seek at an abandoned amusement park. The 14 contestants don’t have a ton of details about this new mysterious game, but they know that there’s money for the winner at the end, and for these people, that’s enough. What starts out as a fun game of Hide and Seek soon turns deadly.

I absolutely loved the situation for this one. The contestants don’t realize what they are entering, and so there’s a time frame of unknowingly playing the game before realization dawns for them. There are a lot of mysteries to unravel with this one, and each reveal created more understanding, but also more questions.

The story follows all 14 characters and can be a bit confusing early on. There’s a lot of POVs, and I do wish there had been headers with the character’s name so I knew who we were following. That may have been fixed in release copies, but my ARC didn’t have that, and it would have been helpful. Getting past that, the characters do start to die off, so that makes the POVs easier to follow🤣. I liked the POVs because it helped to reveal things throughout the story, but there were a few that didn’t seem necessary.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one, and I would recommend it for readers that enjoy a paranormal horror story.

Where to Find This Book:

Amazon ~ Goodreads

The challenge: spend a week hiding in an abandoned amusement park and don’t get caught.

The prize: enough money to change everything.

Even though everyone is desperate to win–to seize their dream futures or escape their haunting pasts–Mack feels sure that she can beat her competitors. All she has to do is hide, and she’s an expert at that.

It’s the reason she’s alive, and her family isn’t.

But as the people around her begin disappearing one by one, Mack realizes this competition is more sinister than even she imagined, and that together might be the only way to survive.

Fourteen competitors. Seven days. Everywhere to hide, but nowhere to run.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

A high-stakes hide-and-seek competition turns deadly in this dark supernatural thriller from New York Times bestselling author Kiersten White.

Just the Facts:

Hide by Kiersten White
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Del Rey Books
Pub Date: May 24, 2022


I was provided a gifted copy of this book for free. I am leaving my honest review voluntarily.

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