An Autumn Kiss by Laura Rollins, Annette Lyon, and Lisa H. Catmull

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

An Autumn Kiss is a great collection of historical romance novellas written by three different authors. It’s a fun grouping of stories that all have the same theme, and they all have the same fall setting, which is perfect for the next few months! However, pick this book up at any time of year, the stories are great!

The first story is The Plucky Miss Ruth by Laura Rollins. This was a heart melting story of a lady who needs to find something new to do with her time, and a gentleman who is in need of help! I really appreciated the characters in this one. They were lovely, and so sweet! I couldn’t help but root for them!

Mr. Dowling’s Remedy by Annette Lyon is the next story in this collection. This one had quite a unique setting for a romance! I’ve read a lot of books set in historical insane asylums lately, and I appreciated the research into the facilities and patient treatment at the time of the story. I really liked the idea of following these two as they find love in an unlikely environment. I appreciated the focus on mental health, and the overall plot!

The final story in this book was A Railway Through the Roses by Lisa H. Catmull. I’m not usually a fan of friends to lovers, but these characters really grabbed me, and I found myself rooting for them! I also liked the secondary romance in this story!

I would recommend this collection for readers who enjoy historical romance with sweet, likable characters!

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Will one kiss change their lives?

In this collection:

THE PLUCKY MISS RUTH by Laura Rollins:
Miss Ruth Hughes is certain she’s caught in a time loop—every day she wakes to find it exactly as the one before. A thrilling prospect to be sure. If the many books she reads on time travel has taught her anything, it is that to break free she must complete an all-important task. For Ruth the task is straightforward: reunite a couple, once desperately in love but forced apart by society. Unfortunately, things are not always as easy as they first appear. Struggling, Ruth opens up to the handsome Lord Lambert and he readily agrees to help. With autumn on the brink of turning into winter, time is running out for Ruth to help the ones who need her most. And, with a bit of luck, perhaps she can even find a little time for her own happily ever after.

MR. DOWLING’S REMEDY by Annette Lyon:
Crandall Dowling’s aspirations of becoming a physician collapse when he develops symptoms that land him in an asylum. He’s been at Sherville Retreat long enough for autumn leaves to appear when Beverly Stanton arrives. She’s held under the dubious diagnosis of “hysteria” but seems perfectly sane, unlike Crandall, though his verbal and physical tics don’t seem to scare or even bother her. Beverly and Crandall develop a friendship fueled by an undeniable attraction that under other circumstances could become more. But in an asylum, one cannot plan a future, let alone one of love or marriage. Then tragedy strikes, testing staff and patients beyond anyone’s training. When the dust settles, Beverly’s diagnosis may be reversed, but if she leaves, what will become of her? What of Crandall? And what of their autumn-born love?

Mr. Adrian Everard has tried everything to keep his father’s factory open, but a single solution remains. Marry an heiress before Christmas to fund the desperately needed railway. The local landowner, Lady Anne Baxter, will not agree to sell her garden—or her heart. Indeed, his childhood friend is determined to sabotage all his efforts to find a wife. As the deadline for Adrian to choose a bride draws close, one thing becomes painfully obvious. Saving the factory will mean losing the woman he loves forever.

Just the Facts:

An Autumn Kiss by Laura Rollins, Annette Lyon, and Lisa H. Catmull
Series: Timeless Victorian Collection #7
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Mirror Press
Pub Date: September 20, 2022


I was provided a gifted copy of this book for free. I am leaving my honest review voluntarily.

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