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CHristian Fiction

Christian – Fantasy

Christian – Historical Fiction

Christian – Contemporary

Christian – Romance

Christian – Mystery

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Contemporary / general / literary Fiction

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historical fiction

Historical Fiction – 1900s (Not War Focused)

Where the Crawdads Sing

Historical Fiction – U.S. 1800s / Slavery / Post-Antebellum

Historical Fiction – Colonial/Early Settling

A Bride Most Begrudging
(SJLB Favorite)
Where the Lost Wander
(SJLB Favorite)

Historical Fiction – Kings / Queens / Courts

Historical Fiction – Wartime (Not WWII) / Rebellion

Historical Fiction – WWII

Historical Fiction – Other

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The Book of Flora
(SJLB Favorite)

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NON-fiction / poetry

Autobiography / Biography

Historical Non-Fiction


Self-Help / Support / Advice

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Paranormal – Alien

Paranormal – Ghosts

Paranormal – Magical Realm

Paranormal – Zombies / Vampires

Paranormal – Witches

Paranormal – Other

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Romance – Contemporary

Romance – Dytopian / Post-Apocalyptic

Romance – Fantasy

Romance – Historical

Romance – LGBTQ

Romance – Mystery / Thriller

Romance – Steamy

Romance – YA

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science fiction / SPECULATIVE FICTION

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MYstery / Thriller / suspense

Mystery – Cozy

Thriller – Action / Adventure

Thriller – Legal

Thriller – Mystery (Police/Investigator Procedural)

Thriller – Mystery (Murder)

Thriller – Mystery (Other)

Thriller – Paranormal (Spooky)

Thriller – Psychological

Thriller – Stalking / Abduction

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young adult

Young Adult – Dystopian

Young Adult – Fantasy

Young Adult – Romance

Young Adult – Paranormal

Young Adult – Post-Apocalyptic

Young Adult – Science Fiction

Young Adult – General Fiction

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