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The Nurse’s Secret by Amanda Skenandore

This was an absolutely fantastic book! It had historical fiction, murder-mystery, secret identity, and romance, and I was unable to put it down! Una is the main character, and she’s a thief on the NYC streets. After losing her mom in a fire, and losing her dad to drugs, she ends up on her own… More

The Decadents by M.C. Schmidt

Well, this book was a crazy and fun time! I enjoyed the dark setting with the outlandish situations, and I didn’t really want to walk away from it! So, in this story, we’ve got Phil Ochs. His family is all over the place. His son is terrorizing him through a poetry attack, his wife is… More

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  1. Hi, I’m starting to write book reviews as a small project and I was wondering if you had any advice.
    Please répond or email me at the email in my détails.

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