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The Pickwick Murders by Heather Redmond

The Pickwick Murders is a retelling of the Charles Dickens story, The Pickwick Papers. I haven’t read the original, so this was a new story for me. Set in the early 1800’s, this was a fun historical cozy mystery. I enjoyed the fiancΓ©e, Kate in this story. She is a strong female character, and has… More

Only My Dog Knows I Pick My Nose by Lauren Tarshis

This is an adorable story of a boy and his dog. The boy shares the things that he does throughout his day and how his dog is there for him. I liked how hilarious moments are brought into the story but are also mixed with moments that children can relate to. My daughter thought it… More

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3 thoughts on “My Recent Reviews

  1. Hi, I’m starting to write book reviews as a small project and I was wondering if you had any advice.
    Please rΓ©pond or email me at the email in my dΓ©tails.

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