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The Business of ARCs – How I get my books

I have been reading books my entire life, and I have gone through stages of extreme reviewing, and times where I reviewed nothing (two kids, out-of-state moves, etc). I just recently started consistently reviewing again. I created a Bookstagram, then blog, then Facebook, Litsy, and Twitter. I found that I loved it so much! I… Continue reading The Business of ARCs – How I get my books

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My Unread Shelf Project 2020

Every reader knows about this dirty little secret....we buy books, but don't actually read them all. They sit on our shelves, and we enjoy looking at them fondly and thinking of the day that we will get to them. Or at least this is what happens to me!! So, this year, I am participating in… Continue reading My Unread Shelf Project 2020

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Guilty Reader Book Tag

I saw this book tag post from @thelibrarylooter and wanted to jump in on it. So, here's a list of questions and we'll see if I'm guilty or innocent! Have you ever said you’ve read a book when you haven’t? I certainly hope not. I'm pretty darn honest about whether I have read it or… Continue reading Guilty Reader Book Tag

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Happy Fall Y’all

Fall is my favorite time of year! It chilly enough for the hoodies and throw blankets. And I love cuddling up in a chair by the window and reading. This season just puts me in the mood to read! However, every season has its perks for reading. Thought I would take you through the reasons… Continue reading Happy Fall Y’all

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Getting to know you…

I saw these questions on a friend's blog and I thought they would be fun to answer here! How Many Books Do You Usually Read At Once? Oh goodness....I am actively reading three right now, and usually at all times. One on audio, one in real, paper-book form, and one on my kindle. I know… Continue reading Getting to know you…

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Hi, My Name Is…

Welcome to my blog on books! I'm BreeAnn and I have always loved to read! We love reading just about everything in our house, taking trips to the bookstores and libraries in the area, and even the Little Free Libraries that we find! I seem to have an affinity towards Historical Fiction lately, but I… Continue reading Hi, My Name Is…