Pennies from Heaven by Koedi Nealy

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Based on the true-life events that led Koedi Nealy to start changing lives one penny at a time at the age of seven, “Pennies from Heaven” teaches children that they are never too young to do great things for God. Koedi’s journey culminated in forming a non-profit that currently serves the homeless population in Houston, Texas, helping the most overlooked and undervalued people in the community.

Just the Facts:

Pennies from Heaven by Koedi Nealy
Genre:  Children’s Non-Fiction
Page Count: 27 pages
Publisher: Halo Publishing International
Pub Date: Nov 29, 2020

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I had the chance to interview Koedi Nealy! Check out our conversation!

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

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I Thought You Said This Would Work by Ann Garvin

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Book Genre Block - "Emotional" Person standing between bright earth and desolate earth

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book truly brings all the emotions out in the reader. I laughed, I cried, I breathed sighs of relief, and I had moments of utter sadness. This is the type of book that pulls you into the pages and has you walk, or rather drive, along side the characters and experience the story with them.

Samantha and Holly are two women who used to be friends, but haven’t even spoken to each other in a long time. When Katie asks a favor, Samantha and Holly are sent on a road trip together that is filled with crazy adventure and possibly forgiveness.

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The Away by Cassandra DeJesus

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Book Cover "The Away" with forest and dilapidated tunner entrance
Book Genre Block - "Young Adult" with 4 young adults

Sonia Peterson can’t help but be excited for the bright future ahead as she nears the end of her last year of high school. But she quickly discovers that things are not what they seem in the quiet community of Glendale. After her neighbor’s suicide and a slew of disappearances, Sonia’s friend Devon divulges one of the town’s best-kept secrets: at eighteen, residents are required to receive a serum that takes away their immoral impulses and imperfections, or they are exiled to a place called the Away. At first, Sonia can’t believe what she’s heard, but when her turn for the appointment comes, all of her worst fears are confirmed. Now, she must decide who she can trust and discover who is really at the core of the plot to rob Glendale’s residents of their elemental human nature. Her journey takes her deep into the heart of the Away in pursuit of freedom for herself, her friends, and her community. Can she unravel the conspiracy before it’s too late?

Just the Facts:

The Away by Cassandra DeJesus
Genre: Young Adult
Page Count: 224 pages
Publisher: Mascot
Pub Date: April 2021

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Amazon ~ B&N ~ Mascot ~ Goodreads

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The Venice Sketchbook by Rhys Bowen

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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This was a lovely trip to Italy spanning two timelines. The beautiful descriptions of Venice truly transport the reader, making a vivid, picturesque story to read!

Caroline has just had her husband leave her when she receives a letter that 90-year-old great aunt is dying. She makes it to her aunt in time for her to give Caroline her dying wish. Great Aunt Lettie gives Caroline a box, three keys, and a sketchbook, and mutters “Venice”. So off to Venice she goes to unravel a great mystery.

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Cleo Can Tie A Bow by Sybrina Durant

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Book cover for Cleo Can Tie a Bow with little girl sitting with a rabbit and fox
Book Genre "Learning" with "Learn" spelled in blocks

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Learning to tie a bow can be a very frustrating time for children AND parents! I know it has been for my family. My son can pretty much tie a bow at this point, but my daughter is still not really able to do it. So, having this book land on our doorstep was perfect!

Cleo Can Tie A Bow teaches the reader how to tie a bow using illustrations and easy-to-understand instructions. If you have a young child that is or will be learning to tie a bow, this is a wonderful tool to help you!

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What You Never Knew by Jessica Hamilton

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Book Cover - foggy forest-covered land with water
Book Genre Block - "Paranormal"

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book was awesome! As a debut author, I am so excited to see what Hamilton will come up with next!

With a spooky, atmospheric vibe, from start to finish, this one had me completely entranced! The story is told through the alternating POVs of two sisters…one alive and one dead. WHAT?? I know right. It’s so good!

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Strong Like Water by Laila Tarraf

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Book cover "Strong Like Water" with cover image of water rippling
Book Genre "Memoir" with person writing with pen

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book is all memoir, self-help, and inspiration. I loved that while it discusses ways to be stronger in a business setting, this story really prepares you to be successful in life.

Tarraf takes the reader on her emotional journey of heartbreak and growth. I was saddened reading about Laila’s childhood where her parents’ fighting turned physical, creating a poor home environment for her. After she started her own family, she endured a devastating loss of her husband as well as both of her parents. Her story talks about her therapy and finding a way through her grief. The things that she learns, she speaks to us about applying in our daily lives, both personally and professionally.

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Everybody Fights: So Why Not Get Better at It? by Kim Holderness and Penn Holderness

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Book Genre "Memoir" with person writing with pen
Book Cover of "Everybody Fights" with
Book Genre Block "Inspiring" with letter tiles spelling "Do Not Give Up"

This book has changed my marriage. For Real! I will literally be re-reading this book for a long time. Each chapter speaks to a different part of your relationship, and it was just amazing!

If you are not in a relationship, I STILL think you should read this book. There’s a chapter on intimate connection, but other than that, I really think this book teaches us how to listen to and interact with humans in general. Not just the one you’re married to. I’m using things I’ve learned in this book to better communicate with my kids too!

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LET’S TALK! A story of Autism and Friendship by Lisa Jacovsky

"Childrens" Genre Block - 4 kids laying on stomachs looking at book
Book cover of Let's Talk! A Story of Autism and Friendship
Book Genre Block with image of group of children

Harper, a seven-year-old little girl that is typically developing, meets a new friend one day at the pool that is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They both love to swim at the pool and want to play together however, Emma has little communication skills. Emma can make sounds and not words and flaps her hands when she is excited. When Harper realizes she cannot communicate with her new friend she becomes determined to find a way to. She begins to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder and the different ways that Emma can communicate. Once she does the two become inseparable. Harper introduces Emma to all her friends and teaches them how to communicate with Emma. Harper and Emma become the center of their circle of friends and have more many more adventures together.

Just the Facts:

LET’S TALK! A story of Autism and Friendship by Lisa Jacovsky
Genre: Childrens
Page Count: 32 pages
Publisher: Lisa Jacovsky
Pub Date: July 2020

Where to Find This Book:

Amazon ~ BAM ~ B&N ~ IndieBoundGoodreads

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I had the chance to interview Lisa Jacovsky! Check out our conversation!

What advice would you like to give to a kid or an adult who wants to begin his career in your field?

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No Pain, No Gaines: The Good Stuff Doesn’t Come Easy by Chip Gaines

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Book Genre "Memoir" with person writing with pen
Book cover with author Chip Gaines
Book Genre Block "Inspiring" with letter tiles spelling "Do Not Give Up"

Wow. Just Wow. I really, really loved this memoir! Chip Gaines wrote this book to inspire and motivate me. I know, I know…that’s not really true, but sometimes when you read a book, it feels like the author was thinking of how to motivate you, and that’s how this one felt to me.

I haven’t ever watched Fixer Upper, which is the TV show that Chip and his wife are known for, so I wasn’t drawn to this book because of the fame, I was drawn to it because of the blurb about hard work. It sounded interesting. But it’s not just interesting, it’s filled with commentary that really made me pause and think about my life and the way I am living it.

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Zippy’s Special Gift by Therese Van Ryne

"Childrens" Genre Block - 4 kids laying on stomachs looking at book
Book cover with zebra, duck, and dog running
Book Genre Block with image of group of children

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book was absolutely adorable! I really loved the focus on accepting what makes you special and seeing what is special about others! Children will enjoy the fun way this message is told through Zippy and his animal friends!

Zippy is a zebra that doesn’t like her stripes! As we journey with her through the book though, we learn that her stripes make her special, and that we each have something that makes us special too. This was a book that both of my kids were really interested in. They enjoyed learning about what made each of Zippy’s friends unique!

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The Path to Sunshine Cove by RaeAnne Thayne

Book Genre Block - "General Fiction" Person holding book
Book cover of gate opening to the ocean

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was a beautiful story with a setting that I thoroughly enjoyed! Oh my, I want to visit Sunshine Cove now! The ocean views, and the people that live there sound amazing! This is book 2 in the series “Cape Sanctuary”, but if you haven’t read book one, do not worry! I think you’ll be completely fine, this can be read as a stand-alone.

The characters are wonderful and easy to connect with. They feel so real, they could be your actual friends. Jess and Rachel are sisters separated from each other in their teenage years. Sunshine Cove provides an opportunity for the two of them to reconnect, and it’s an absolutely lovely story!

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