No Nice Girl Swears by Alice-Leone Moats – Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Written in 1933, No Nice Girl Swears was a guide for ladies to learn etiquette for the times. Some of the advice is dated, as times and etiquette have changed over the years, but other sections feel timeless, and could still apply in today’s world.

While this book was tauted as an instruction manual for women for its original release, it is a bit tongue-in-cheek at times. The author was quite witty and I found myself laughing with her as I read. I specifically enjoyed the chapter Lunches and Teas; Or, Scarcely Worth the Trouble. I found this one to be quite funny with comments like:

It seems to be the rule for the guests to arrive late, and after the first course girls begin jumping up and saying good-by to their hostess, as they all seem to have something to do at two o’clock or shortly after.

No Nice Girl Swears

In addition to the wit found within this book, there are some pieces of advice that can still apply today. There are topics like How to Deal with a Date that is Drunk and Twice Shy, a section on remarriage. Both segments had advice that would aptly apply in today’s world as well as the 1930s.

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