Back to Christmas by Dennis Canfield

★★★★ My Thoughts: What I Loved: In today's world of electronics, I loved that the way off Santa's naughty list was through rekindling that family love when the screens go off. How I Felt: This was such a fun, cute book that the whole family can enjoy. I truly look forward to sharing this with… Continue reading Back to Christmas by Dennis Canfield

A Perfect Tree by Denise Dunham

This book was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher, BooksGoSocial in exchange for my honest review. ★★★★ This book is a sweet story of a young girl whose family moves into an extremely small house, what she calls a dollhouse. There is not space for many beds and her parents sleep on a… Continue reading A Perfect Tree by Denise Dunham

One Wild Christmas by Nicholas Oldland

🌟🌟🌟🌟This book just released on Sept 3, 2019 and is a great addition to any child’s holiday bookshelf. Beaver, Moose, and Bear are preparing for their Christmas, but realize they have forgotten to get a tree! They head out to find one in the forest and after many trees that were not good enough, they… Continue reading One Wild Christmas by Nicholas Oldland