Jonas Hanway’s Scurrilous, Scandalous, Shockingly Sensational Umbrella by Josh Crute

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

What I Loved:

❤️ Learning about how the umbrella was introduced to England.

What Didn’t Work:

👎 Big words that a young child may not know made it difficult to follow.

My Synopsis:

This children’s book tells the story of how umbrellas were introduced to London by Jonas Hanway. we are introduced to Jonas, who is quite a grumpy man and does not like to get wet! All of London just deals with the wet environment, but Jonas is sick of it. He travels the world for a place that does not get rain and stumbles upon umbrellas being used in other places. He brings an umbrella back home with him and uses it for 30 years while people snicker at him.

How I Felt:

I had a lot of feelings about this book. I was SO excited to receive this book. The cover is fabulous and I thought it would be a great book for my kids to learn about umbrellas. It is a cute story and the illustrations throughout the entire book are absolutely stunning! The wording used though, cause a lot of problems for me.

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