Grace in Hollywood by Kari Bovee

"Mystery" Genre card with dark woods and light in the distance
Grace in Hollywood book cover with 20's feel and girl in fancy dress with a Model T cop car
Person in dark woods titled "Suspense"

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kari Bovee is such a great storyteller! She drops the reader into a story and they don’t want to get out until the end! It’s such a wonderful reading journey!

In Grace in Hollywood, we get to settle into a 1920s setting for a Hollywood murder-mystery! I loved the time period and all the world-building Bovee did to really make me feel like it was the 20s. I loved the references and descriptions.

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Bones of the Redeemed by Kari Bovee

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There are just some authors that can drop you into a historical timeline with such ease that you feel like you were born there. Kari Bovee is one of those authors. She has a gift for storytelling that leaves the reader always wanting more of her stories!

Bones of the Redeemed takes place in 1950’s New Mexico. Ruby Delgado, an archaeology grad student stumbles across a buried pile of bodies that clearly do not belong at the dig site. She knows something is not right, but as she digs deeper, it seems that what she uncovers is dangerous, and no one believes her. She might just be the only person willing to save the town, but can she stay safe while doing it?

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Folly at the Fair by Kari Bovee

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I absolutely loved that this book was about Annie Oakley! I think she is such an interesting person, and having this fun mystery series with her in the center is awesome!!

This plot was fast-paced and easy to jump right into! I appreciated that I was able to fall right into the story without any confusion because this is the 4th book in the series. I was a bit worried that I’d be lost and need to read the first three, but that was not the case. This is an easy stand-alone! However, I now need to go back and read the other three books!!

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