Butterfly Love from Above by Melissa Stuart

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Book Genre Block - "Emotional" Person standing between bright earth and desolate earth

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book is quite lovely. It’s a beautiful, heartwarming story of a young girl navigating through the grief of losing her butterfly.

I really enjoyed that this story features the importance of supporting those who may be grieving. Star realizes that while she was under a dark cloud and sad, others may be feeling that way as well. I liked the message that part of the story provided!

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The Passing Storm by Christine Nolfi

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Book Genre Block - "Emotional" Person standing between bright earth and desolate earth

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was my first book by Christine Nolfi, and I found her writing to be captivating! She writes with such amazing emotion; you can’t help but become invested in the characters and the story!

The Passing Storm introduces the reader to Rae, a mother trying to cope after the unimaginable loss of her daughter. As Rae tries to heal and move forward in some fashion, we watch her work through her grief. She takes a chance on a young teen who needs help, and through him, we hope she can find forgiveness.

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The Winter Song by Saurav Dutt

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From the acclaimed Author of ‘The Butterfly Room’ comes a powerful afterlife drama conveying how great gifts can be hidden in death and how they can bear fruit in our lives if we have the faith to let them unfold.

Somewhere between the mountains and the mist in North India, a widower must reconcile himself to the loss and grief that haunts him after the recent death of his wife.

Unhinged by grief, anger, and guilt, John Perera has set off on a journey, a journey to honour the love of his life and to fulfill the promise he made to her to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of their son. It is a journey of extraordinary self-discovery that will take him to the extremities of his soul and question all he believes about life, death, and faith.

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The Adventures of Gunner the Poodle Pony: Gunner Meets Stella by Lynne McGlothlen

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What I Loved:

I really enjoy seeing children’s books that help them to understand and manage their emotions. Adults struggle to handle their emotions sometimes, so helping a child to understand something can be extremely difficult. The Adventures of Gunner the Poodle Pony is a wonderful book that introduces grief for a child in a way that is uplifting, and I loved that.

My Synopsis:

Gunner, a very special dog, is heading to work at the Hospice center. He enjoys helping people feel better when they are sick or sad. He meets Stella at the center, a young girl who is visiting her sick grandmother.

Stella and Gunner become fast friends, and Gunner helps Stella to understand her emotions and help her to feel a bit better. He promises to tell her more stories when they see each other again, which makes me think there might be more Poodle Pony books coming!

How I Felt:

I thought this story was written so that it is easy for a child to understand. It is told through Gunner’s perspective, which makes it fun for a child, but Stella’s emotions are easy to relate to.

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