The Change by Kirsten Miller

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Murder. Mystery. Magic. Feminism. Kick Ass Women. Must Read.

And that’s my review! Alright, just kidding, I have more to say, but seriously this book is amazing.

The Change follows three women as they move into mid-life. Each has something special in them that is pulled out as their body begins to change.
Nessa hears voices of the dead begging to be found.
Harriett has a special connection with plants and nature that can be vicious and even deadly.
Jo has an inner anger that manifests as immense heat and power.
These three women work together to discover who is murdering young women in their town.

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One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Well, I just absolutely loved this story! I am a sucker for some magical moments in a contemporary story, and this one definitely had that! It’s a journey of embracing grief and loss while finding who you are, and it was fantastic!

Katy and Carol with the best of friends, and also a mother and daughter. When Carol passes away, Katy is devastated. Rethinking everything about life, she tells her husband they need a break, and she takes off alone on an Italian vacation that was meant for her and her mother.

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