Friend or Foe by Samantha Bryant

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What I Loved:

In the first book of this series, I was interested in Patricia’s character, but I wanted to know more about her. I was so excited that she played a prominent role in this book! I enjoyed reading more about her!

My Synopsis:

Friend or Foe picks up right after the ending of the first book in the series, Going Through the Change. I was happy to see this immediate follow-up to the first story. Patricia O’Neill is still on the scene from the big battle and is trying to evade answering questions of officers and a man, from an unidentified organization.

Cindy, on the other hand, has escaped the scene with her jewels and her quickly regressing body. She’s on a bus trying to figure out where she can go to fix her anti-aging problem when she is confronted by someone from her past that may be able to help her but is it for a price?

How I Felt:

Patricia’s story was focused on what I believe will be leading to her next steps in life. She seems to be struggling with herself. Her reptilian exterior may be a reflection of her internal frame of mind. I find her to be the most difficult character to understand and I believe that her lizard body with skin that cannot be damaged or penetrated is such a perfect characterization for who she is. I enjoyed her struggles over what she should be doing, how she should act to be a good friend, and if she deserves the friendships based on her actions.

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