100 Days of Adventure by Greta Eskridge

"Non Fiction" words carved into wood
"Childrens" Genre Block - 4 kids laying on stomachs looking at book

Rating: 5 out of 5.

100 Days of Adventure is a book filled with ideas, projects, and activities to do with children that do not require an electronic. I really enjoy this book, and I truly think it’s full of fantastic things to do!

There are indoor and outdoor activities, and most of them are no-cost or very low-cost to do. There are illustrations and step-by-step guides to help you as you facilitate these activities. I loved that there was a wide range of options to choose from, and there are definitely some that we’ll do again!

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When the Sun Met the Moon by Simran Mohinani

Book cover of sun and moon close in sky
Book Genre "Learning" with "Learn" spelled in blocks

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Do you think the Sun could get lonely up there in the big sky all by itself? This story is the tale of just that! After getting tired of being alone in the sky day after day, the Sun sets out on an adventure to find the perfect match…the Moon!

I thought this was a really cute children’s story of a light-hearted search for love in the great big atmosphere. It was a well-written and had my kids completely engaged. I loved how the Sun was getting “burnt out” and needed the support of another to help out. A very cute and fun read overall!

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The Butterfly Tree by Kelly Harrison Spining

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a lovely story! This is very reminiscent of The Giving Tree, but what I loved about this story is that there is a give and take by both characters in the story. It’s a beautiful, heartwarming story that I highly recommend!

There are three trees. One a beautiful apple tree, one a strong grand oak, and one, a dilapidated scrawny tree. When a butterfly visits the apple tree asking for a place to rest, the snobby apple tree sends the butterfly away. It doesn’t want the butterfly damaging the apples that bring people to the tree. The butterfly stops at the oak next, but it too sends the butterfly away. When the butterfly comes close to the third tree, it invites the butterfly to stop and rest. The two become friends and the butterfly stays with the tree for a while. One morning the tree wakes to find the butterfly gone. He is sad and alone once again, until he feels the soft landing of one, then two, then hundreds of butterflies on his branches. His friend has invited other butterflies to come and rest with the nice, friendly tree.

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