Rambee Boo’s Lake Vacation by Reena Korde Pagnoni

"Childrens" Genre Block - 4 kids laying on stomachs looking at book
Rambee Boos Lake Vacation with dog holding fishing pole in mouth in front of car and travel gear
Book Genre Block - "Animals" with image of toy animals lined up

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a cute book with Rambee Boo the dog as our main character. Rambee Boo and his family are heading out for a lake vacation. We get to see each day’s adventures and fun, but there’s always something that Rambee Boo keeps losing! Thankfully, it gets returned each day!

I think this was a really fun story about a loving, adventurous family pet and his special lovely toy. My daughter enjoyed the story and Rambee Boo himself! The illustrations are bright and perfectly match the story, providing great assistance for a young reader to visualize what is happening.

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